Remembering A Poet And A Great Human Being!

By R. Paul Dhillon

Life is like that passing storm or that perfect day at the park – it passes  and after you have either survived it’s wrath or been totally content with that perfect day. But it passes all too quickly. Even though we feel life is long and we can keep going, creating and making plans as if we are going to live forever. But then it suddenly ends with a thud as if you were never here.

And soon after it feels to the living that you are not actually here anymore and life as lived by those still breathing goes on. But those who are fortunate and those who are artists, who lived and breathed creation and created something beautiful in writing or the visual arts like Punjabi writer Meet Manjeet did, they get a day of Celebration and Remembrance because they have left a mark on the world of arts – art, literature, film and so forth. It’s a world that lives on collectively on the ever breathing heart of living artists-writers and the souls of those gone to the next world.

Meet Manjeet left an indelible impression on the Punjabi literary scene here because he was a great poet and an even better human being. And he was given a beautiful Remembrance a beautiful Saturday afternoon last weekend.


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