Controversial Punjabi Radio Host’s Car Shot Up In Surrey

SURREY – A controversial Surrey-based Punjabi internet radio talk show host’s car was apparently shot up last weekend in Surrey while she was driving but despite the daring shooting – police never put out a press release on the shooting, although they are investigating.

Ashiana Khan of Media Waves Communications told Postmedia News that she was driving near 176th Street and Fraser Highway at 11 p.m. Saturday her car was shot up in a drive-by shooting.

“Because of the police investigation I can only confirm that yes, my vehicle was shot,” Khan said Sunday.

Khan said she wasn’t injured but phoned police immediately. Her car was towed by police and an investigation is underway, she said.

Postmedia reported that Surrey RCMP did not respond to their calls Sunday.

“I was very shaken up, very scared, but I am very strong and I have come out of it.”

Khan has been embroiled in many on air battles including taking on former BC Liberal insiders Jagmohan Singh and Satnam Johal, who received $200,000 in the dying days of the Christy Clark government. Both have allegedly filed defamation lawsuits against Khan and the radio station.

Sources tell the LINK that before last weekend’s shooting, Khan and her co-host were battling some of the organizers of the anti-gang group Wake-Up Surrey and there was a heated back and forth, including name calling and calling some of the speakers and organizers as Drunkards.

One of the new organizers of the Wake-Up Surrey  team, which has come under criticism by some for hijacking the gang violence issue for their own agenda and also having unethical people fronting the group, also took pot shots at Khan and her co-host, calling them names on Facebook.

Punjabi radio in search for the mighty AD dollar sometime don’t abide by the usual standards  of broadcast journalism or on air etiquette and resorts to creating dramatic battles to lure listeners with drama. But these battles are sure to spill out on the street.

However, an effort should be made to adhere to a standard in these troubled times and everyone must keep a cool mind.


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