TECH-WORLD: The Best Slots Games To Play In 2018

Slots are one of the most popular casino games in the world, a fact which should come to no surprise if you are familiarized with the world of gambling. Slots games have gradually made the transition from bland, mechanical contraptions to immersive, engaging gaming experiencing with advanced animations and enticing soundtracks. If you are a newbie to online slots games or a veteran who wants to try something new, we have compiled a small list of titles that you will surely enjoy.


In true spirit of its 80’s flavoredaesthetic, Hotline kicks off with a neon-infused intro that will surely remind people of old TV shows such as Miami Vice, or newer homage movies like Drive or Nightcrawler. And the plot of this slot machine is no less 80’s – it follows two detectives who are seeking a woman that got herself involved in a jewel heist.

But theme and shiny graphics is not everything that Hotline has to offer. This title comes with all the features that you would expect from a slot – Wild, Expanding Wild Substitutions, Free Spins, Re-Spins, and even a welcome bonus for new players. The game’s main feature is called the Hotline Bonus Bet. Players who choose one, two or three rows can significantly increase their chances of winning, with these changesbeing calculated according to the number of hotline bonus bets that were placed.

Blood Eternal

Developed by the talented minds at Betsoft, Blood Eternal is a great title for people who like slots and horror flicks. Despite its ominous sounding name, the graphics, atmosphere and sound effects will not remind you of the movies that used to scare you senseless, rather the campy horror titles that we have grown to enjoy due to their silliness.

Blood Eternal has six reel and a set amount of 30 pay lines. As expected, the symbols are thematically appropriate, with bats, vampires, holy water and blood vials. By hitting two bats in a single row, players can trigger a win that is equal to twelve symbols in the same position. If the human and vampire symbols end up near each other, the screen will be splattered with blood. But don’t worry, because this massacre unlocks the free spins round.

Overall, Blood Eternal is anaesthetically pleasing game that horror fans will surely enjoy. Furthermore, according to players, it has one of the best return to player ratios, which is another good reason to give it a shot.

Spinal Tap

Slots games are already known for their ironic and humorous takes on pop culture. But when a slot game is themed around a media product that is by itself a parody, things can get a little crazy.

If you love classic rock music and good humor, Spinal Tap is the game for you. Spinal Tap is the world’s best band that never existed, and by playing this slot, you will get in the spirit of the franchise’s sense of humor.

The title has seven bonus rounds, with over 2000 winning combinations. But the reels are not the only things that you can spin. By spinning the shiny vinyl disk, you can do lots of things that will improve your chances of winning, such as unlocking various modifiers, obtaining up to 11 spins and wilds, or adding symbols. Other than that, it works just like any other standard slot game.


Slots games have seen sort of a renaissance in the Internet era because developers are willing to take more risks with creating novel projects with interesting themes and game mechanics. If you got bored with standard slots games and are looking for something with a bit of flavor and charm, make sure to give these three interesting titles a shot, as they are amongst the best the market has to offer.

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