Volunteer Chain Singh Bath Honoured For His Dedication To No. 5 Road Gurdwara

By Balwant Singh Gill

Volunteers are the backbone of every community and organization. Volunteering for a cause dear to person’s heart is a very noble task. Thousands of volunteers do this every day in every community and organization. Take for example India Cultural Centre of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas in Richmond. Every member involved with the Gurdwara at the management level is a volunteer. Each of these individuals put in countless hours in serving the congregation and the community. For almost 33 years, this Gurdwara has been serving the congregation and community. The old building was rather limited in scope. However, since thenew building was completed in 1993, this place of worship has become very popular especially for weddings. Currently, the wedding bookings are going on for 2021. Some weeks –between March and October- there are at least three or four weddings a week. The Gurdwara Management Committee, led by Chairman Asa Singh Johal, does its best to meet the growing demands. This kind of popularity puts extra demand on the volunteers.

Each one of the Committee members does his/her best to serve the congregation. However, there are some people who go above and beyond to ensure that the Gurdwara is a very welcoming place for members of the congregation and the community. One such individual is Chain Singh Batth. For the past 25 years he has given of himself selflessly in service to this Gurdwara. He is at the Gurdwara from early morning to late evening seven days a week answering phone calls and doing other chores around the Gurdwara. Since Chain lived in England for a few years before coming to Canada, he has a very soft corner for guests from England who are at the Gurdwara as part of the weddings and other functions. At the conclusion of every function he urges guests from England to see him before leaving.

Chain has served on the Gurdwara Executive in various positions including President, Secretary and General Secretary. Currently, he is serving again as the General Secretary. His famous advice to the newly married bride and groom –Happy Wife, Happy Life – is very well appreciated especially by the newlyweds. All of us associated with the Gurdwara appreciate the ever-present smiling face of this veteran. Whether it is Doors Open, Lunch with VIPs or any other function Chain is always there to help. Last Monday, June 25, India Cultural Centre of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas Chairman Asa Singh Johal, in the presence of President Balbir Singh Jawanda, Vice President Sohan Basi and Secretary Balwant Singh Sanghera, presented a well-deserved Certificate of Volunteer Appreciation to Chain Singh Batth. All of us at the Gurdwara appreciate Mr. Batth’s leadership and contribution. We wish him a happy and healthy life.

Balwant Singh Sanghera  is the Secretary, India Cultural Centre of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas, Richmond.

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