Rayna Karan Wins Miss Fiji-Canada Pageant After Mathematical Error

SURREY – The 4th Annual Miss Fiji Canada Gala Night was held on last Saturday at Dinesh Khanna’s Khanna Banquet Hall.

Rayna Karan was Crowned 2018/19 Miss Fiji Canada with 1st Runner Up Reshmi Chandra.

A mathematical error on one of the contestants score sheets was made, however it was immediately corrected when brought to the attention of the directors.

Along with that, apologies have been made to the both families.

“The organization accepts that although this was an honest human error made by one of the judges, we have dealt with the situation in the most progressive and best way,” Miss Fiji Canada said in a statement.

“We’d like to also acknowledge our 2nd Runner Up, Alisha Bock and 3rd Runner Up, Amisha Chand.”

They also held the first ever Mr. Fiji Canada Competition to which Ravi Raj was crowned.

“We would also like to congratulate our 1st Runner Up Michael Prasad and 2nd Runner Up Zachary Chand,” they said


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