Coquitlam Chinese-Canadian Realtor Receives Racist-Hateful Letter

COQUITLAM – A Chinese-Canadian realtor in Coquitlam has shared a hateful letter on social media, calling it “appalling.”

The letter, filled with racial slurs, said Asian realtors “are not welcome or wanted in our neighbourhood.”

It called Asians’ appearance, culture and language “ugly.”

The anonymous letter was addressed to Winnie Wu of Sutton Group West Coast Realty, reported News 1130.

“The citizens who belong here, who were here long before you people pushed your way in, have no use for you,” read the letter.

The photo has been shared hundreds of times, and over 100 people have left comments in support of Wu. Many call the letter-writer ignorant and bigoted.

Wu has thanked supporters, saying: “I would like to encourage people to see the person, not where they from or what they look like. Canada is better than this. Together we are better than this.”

She added she has reported the letter to police.

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