Sikh-American Chamber Of Commerce Organises 7th Annual Gala In Jersey

CHANDIGARH – More than 400 accomplished Sikh-American business members and professionals attended the Sikh American Chamber of Commerce’s 7th Annual Gala in Jersey City recently.

Every year, the SACC annual gala brings together top-notch speakers from the Sikh-American community who reflect on their personal and professional milestones to inspire and motivate others to succeed, a release issued by SACC said.

Speaking on the occasion, Gurbir Grewal, Attorney General of NJ, said, “In every position that I have held in the past and even as Attorney General now, I have attempted to promote understanding and acceptance through my service to show everyone through my work that Sikhs are a part of the fabric of this country (and) that we are doing our part to keep all of us in this country safe.”

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla said, “Organisations like SACC have a growing importance where businesses can come together to find meaningful value into their existence and join hands to positively affect peoples lives. It is great to see this platform nourishing the aspiring youth with innovative ideas from the role models in the community.”

Speaking at the event, Ravi Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid International, stressed on the importance of Sikhs uniting for humanity and passed on his message on faith, hope and humanity.

SACC president Sunny Kaila said: “We are proud of the achievements of the already established Sikh-American community in the United States. The gala is not just a showcase of these triumphs but also a realisation of the fact that the road to success is filled with obstacles. Next year gala will be held on September 21.”

The annual gala is the highlight event of the Sikh-American business community in the United States. It is a showcase of successful Sikh entrepreneurs coming together for mutual prosperity.

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