Are You Using Extra Caution At Dangerous Intersections?


Think about your daily commute. How many times have you nearly been rear-ended by someone at an intersection or watched another motorist running a red light at a busy intersection?


Every intersection has the potential to be dangerous, but there are some that are notoriously dangerous and are the cause of hundreds of accidents every year. Do you know where some of your most dangerous intersections are located and are you extra precautious when driving?

How to Avoid an Accident at The Worst Intersections


The intersection of Knight Street and SE Marine Drive is one of the most dangerous intersections in Vancouver, according to ICBC. In a short period of four years, there were more than 1,300 accidents in the intersection and for the on and off ramps.


Not only is this intersection one of the top 10 most dangerous intersections in Canada, but it has also made a few international lists for “worst intersections.” What makes this intersection notoriously hazardous? There are several contributing factors in accidents at the intersection (and others throughout the country).

Aggressive Drivers


Aggressive drivers are everywhere, but their bad driving habits and reckless behavior seems to be more prominent when there is traffic congestion or in high-traffic areas. Aggressive drivers are likely to tailgate, drive fast, and even exhibit road rage.


The best way to avoid these types of drivers is to try to stay out of their way and stick to the rules of the road. Don’t attempt to “challenge” a reckless driver. If you want to avoid driving aggressively, always give yourself some extra time and try to avoid congested areas.

Failure to Yield


The failure to yield to the right of way is a significant factor in intersection accidents, particularly around on and off ramps. While some of these accidents occur due to driver error or not knowing the rules, some drivers fail to yield because they are in a hurry or are simply not paying attention.


Before you enter or exit a ramp, always check to make sure that you are yielding when it’s appropriate, signal any merges, and remain attentive.

Ignoring Traffic Signs and Signals


Crashes at intersections occur when someone runs a red light or someone “jumps” a green. Some motorists are inexperienced drivers and have difficulty understanding traffic signs, but most of the time, they choose not to follow the road rules.


Nearly every motorist has made of the mistake of running a light that just turned red, but it’s when another motorist is anticipating a green light (and enters an intersection too soon) that an otherwise preventable accident can occur.


Many motorists ignore traffic signs and signals because they think that they will save time or that they don’t see any other motorists. Saving a few seconds isn’t worth the risk of being involved in an accident that can result in injury and possibly turn into a multiple car accident.


Whether you live in a quiet neighborhood or travel through one of the most dangerous intersections in the city, use extra caution at every intersection. Always remain attentive, avoid all distractions, and make sure that other motorists and pedestrians are out of the way before you cross an intersection.



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