From AC/DC To ART: Tejpal Singh Mann Is Driven By Passion To Create

By R. Paul Dhillon

SURREY – Everybody is an artist but most people don’t let that gift get awaken in them but Tejpal Singh Mann isn’t your average person.

Mann was a bit of techie, operating an electronics store in Surrey appropriately titled AC/DC, a business he ran successfully for a long time until some personal chaos gave away to the Art world.

After tiring from his electronics business, Mann decided to take an art class and gave himself fully to the world of canvas painting and murals and decorative art in restaurants, Gurdwaras and high end homes.

A very modest soul full of positive energy, Mann is humble showing his various works on Canvas display at his TSM Gallery in the old Scott Road Punjabi market on the Delta side near 94 and 120.

Mann paints both small to large scale pieces of work with particularly skilled at crafting subjects such as wildlife, scenic, floral, romantic, historical, portraiture and murals decorative painting and wallpaper work. He is an artist who soaks up his surroundings and brings them to life in beautiful creations on all surfaces.

While canvas work is Mann’s passion and he paints when inspiration strikes him but his bread and butter is his Decorative art and mural work he does for private and public organizations and individuals.

“Art to me is a higher purpose, a calling, a passion, hobby and my livelihood,” Mann said. “In the moment of creating art, I want to capture a fleeting moment, an idea, philosophical or historical event or a thing of beauty and express it to create inspiration and celebration of an aesthetic value.”

Mann specializes in artistic painting (sponge, faux, metallic) mural  and canvas painting as well as wallpaper installations.

Tejpal Singh Mann can be contacted at 778-885-2197. His TSM Gallery is located at 9353 – 120th Street in Delta at border of the Surrey-Delta Scott Road Punjabi market. You can also visit www.tsmgallery.ca or www.jollyarts.ca

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