I Applaud Two Dalit Women For Standing Up To Hindu Temple Bullies

Dear Editor:

I applaud two Dalit women who courageously entered the Hindu Temple. Also congratulate the women’s movement to help aware people that the old value, they claim Hindu value, is out dated and is purely discriminatory in this day and age. Human rights in India and the majority countries in our global village, are treating all human beings as equal. The Supreme Court of India made the right decision.

Due to social media and the internet, people are getting educated and no longer remain in blind faith. The political leaders as in India and elsewhere, spread hatred by speaking poisonous language to divide people in order to get votes to get elected. Anti immigrant sentiments have been aroused by several European countries, including President Donald Trump, by telling lies and false arguments.

We have seen not too long ago during 1947 that millions of innocent people were butchered due to religious hatred. For example in Punjab, Bajwa’s, Cheema’s, Dhaliwal, Gill’s and many other casts who were a few centuries ago belonged to same families killed each other because of religious hatred spread by hate mongers and opportunist political leaders.

Rise of Hindu nationalism, promoted and supported by BJP could cause havoc by discriminating other smaller ethnic and religious groups. Secular people must get together to stop this trend in order to save India. Hate spreads like a wild fire. Oppose it now before these elements become too strong.

Dr. Charan Gill, M.A., M.S.W., O.B.C.

President, BC Organization to Fight Racism


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