Narinder Kaur’s Book ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ Launched


By Acharya S.P. Dwivedi

The Hindi Literary Society of Canada organized and sponsored by South Asian Literary Society the book launch ceremony of Narinder Kaur Singh’s collection of poems ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ on May 26 at Punjab Bhavan in Surrey.

It is the first book of her poems which she got it published. Although, she has been writing poems while she was student in college. She is credited with two master’s degrees in Hindi Literature and Philosophy.

Dr Ajay Garg, the president of HLS welcomed the guests. The launching ceremony was carried by Devendra Hundal, Ajay Garg, Acharya, Sonia Aandhi and Noorjahan Dev. Reshma Mishra presented the critical review of the book and paid rich tribute to Narinder’s poetry. Reshma commented “Narinder has an engaging not only diversity of theme but rhythm also. She created new diction to express her inner- feelings and emotions. She has empowered the women in her poem- ‘Shakti’. Narinder has nicely described in her long poem ‘Delhi’ the historical, social, political and cultural backgrounds.

Acharya Dwivedi spoke on Narinder’s book elaborately. He said that the book contains 89 poems which are mostly in Blank -Verse but a few are in song form. The cover page of the book is designed by herself. The title of the book ‘Log kya kehenge’ shows the social stigma but she boldly advices to forget about the opinions of others and do what you think right. She has touched different aspects of life such as environment, nature, violence, family and love; and she tried to make the psychological and philosophical interpretations of the subjects. Her interpretation of life is real and touching. Her experiences are not imaginary or borrowed but based upon her hard self- realized one. There are no loud words or phrases but simple, short and effective words. Her language is not stale but fresh and blooming. No doubt her personal experiences have become impersonal.

Anita Chaudhry recited Narinder’s poem. Noorjahan and Soniya threw light on her poetic journey. Narinder thanked the people for organizing this memorable event. At the end, all guests were all entertained with refreshment.


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