NDP To Highlight Women’s Rights And Gender Equality In The Next Election

OTTAWA – NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and NDP Women’s Equality Critic Irene Mathyssen (London Fanshawe) recently participated in the Up for Debate Campaign launch, organized by the Alliance for Women’s Rights. New Democrats are doubling down on their commitment to highlight women’s rights and gender equality in the next election.

“With the dangerous debate and decisions happening in the United States – and here in Canada – about people’s right to choose what happens to their own bodies when it comes to sexual health and reproductive health, I want to re-state that I am proud to be pro-choice and I am proud to lead a caucus that is pro-choice,” said Singh. “It’s important to us that everyone on the NDP team supports the right to choose. And it’s not enough to be pro-choice, we need to make sure that access to safe and affordable reproductive health, including abortions, is accessible to people in every region of Canada.”

New Democrats believe reproductive freedom is a basic human right. Birth control should not be accessible only to those who can afford it. A New Democrat government will make sure that a full range of prescription contraceptive and reproductive health options are available to all who need them, in all regions of the country, and at no cost through Medicare and our national pharmacare program.

“We know that a universal childcare program is the #1 action needed to improve women’s access to the workforce, reduce poverty and work towards true gender equality. That’s the reason we are the party that has been pushing for years for federal action to ensure high-quality, affordable childcare is accessible for all Canadians,” added Mathyssen. “Canadian families deserve real options when it comes to taking care of their children. We know Canadian women are done waiting for pay equity. It’s time to value women’s work. We will end the wage gap.”

Mathyssen led the fight in the House in 2015 to get rid of the tax on feminine hygiene products and is currently leading the fight in the House once again with legislation to make contraceptives free. New Democrats will continue to fight for equal access to resources in policies, in laws and in education to prevent and address gender-based violence. We commit to making different choices and to providing core long-term, predictable and stable funding to organizations supporting people.


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