OUTSIDE THE BOX: My Favourite Vibration Meditation Is From My Sikh Faith

There are many methods of meditation and one of my favourites is the Sikh vibration meditation.

This meditation method uses sounds, four sounds, and four areas of the body. Each of the following sounds should be produced or vibrated in one given area. The four sounds are “WA”, “HE”, “GU”, “RU”. Vibrate “WA” in the area of the stomach, “HE” in the chest area, “GU” in the throat area, and “RU” as far up the head as possible.

Each area of vibration is related to an energy center, or centers, and vibrating the four sounds stimulates these energies. While vibrating each sound, with your mind, focus on each area and the corresponding sound. Initially, practice vibrating each sound individually. Then vibrate one after the other, in a smooth flow. During which, focus your mind toward The Source/The Great Architect/The Father/Waheguru.

The last vibration is the most difficult but achievable, and if this meditation method is correctly practiced, in the area of your Third-Eye, a nirvanic sensation will be experienced.

If you require a visual aid, please refer to the following YouTube video. The title of the video is “Sikh Vibration Meditation. By Mike Bhangu”, and the URL is:


Good luck!

By Amazon best-selling author, Mike Bhangu (thinkingmanmike@gmail.com). To view Mike’s book catalogue, please visit Amazon.com and search: Mike Bhangu. Or use the following URL: https://www.amazon.com/Mike-Bhangu/e/B00ZXHPGQI/

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