OUTSIDE THE BOX: God Is Infinitely More

By Mike Bhangu


When there was nothing, there was ONE.  When there is nothing, there will be ONE.


Popular culture has trapped the mind to think of God inside a box.  This limits a person’s spiritual cognisance.


When a person hears the word “God”, their mind naturally brings forth the images and the associations they absorbed to represent the idea of God.  It’s similar to what happens when a person hears the word “apple”, and the phenomenon can limit a person’s awareness and spiritual progress.


I do not have the cognitive capability to give a full description of God, or even the smallest of the most miniscule of accounts.  Yet, since my mind requires some sort of definition, I’ve learned to think of The One as the Sikh doctrine depicts The Great Architect—as the Beginning, the End, Timeless, Formless, Fathomless, Limitless, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and The Primal Energy everything known and unknown is contained within and differentiations from.  Such a description resonates with my soul.  The others limit my understanding of The Great-Giver.  I can’t confine “God” to an image of an old man, with a white beard, floating amid the clouds, constantly wrestling the devil, and daily administering punishment.  Or a young man, with dusty-blonde hair, and blue eyes.  Or for that matter, a God represented by a particular colour, form, or gender.


Any attribute that limits the power of The Father isn’t truthful.  God is much more and the human mind isn’t capable of grasping The Unfathomable.


By thinking, He cannot be reduced to thought, even by thinking hundreds of thousands of times.” – (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, ang 1 of 1430)



– By Amazon best-selling author, Mike Bhangu (thinkingmanmike@gmail.com).  To view Mike’s book catalogue, please visit Amazon.com and search: Mike Bhangu.  Or use the following URL:



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