Diwali Celebrations At SMH

Diwali, Deepawali or Jyotiparva is the most popular festival of Hindus but it is equally celebrated by Sikhs and Jains also.It is celebrated in the northern hemisphere (October or November). It symbolizes spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and peace over violence”.There are several myths related with this festival. The Diwali aims to sharing of joy, happiness and delight. The Global Hindu Foundation has beendistributing the gifts of sweets and snacks to the service-providers of Surrey Memorial Hospital for more than thirteen years.This year on 22nd October ,2019 the gifts were distributedto more than 500 persons. The ACC, Raja Jwellersand Nanak Food Inc sponsored the event. The following volunteers –Devender Sikka, Neera Sikka, Kamla Tiwari, Dr. Narayan Tiwari, Usha Swaroop, Om Wadhawan,Suman Wadhawan ad Narendra Sharad helped in distributing the gifts.

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