Racism And Hate Crimes Are A Plague That Must Be Fought Vigorously


Dear Editor:

Recent incidents of racism/hate crime have caused a genuine concern in our communities. Richmond is no exception. In this context, I had an opportunity to attend two events/activities which appear to be very timely in addressing such issues.  On Monday, November 18, a number of community activists and concerned citizens(under the banner of Stopping Racism Alliance)led by Richmond City Councillor Chak Au met with RCMP officer-in-charge Superintendent Will Ng and some of his senior officers to discuss ways and means of addressing the issues of racism /hate crime in our community. Recently formed Stop Racism Alliance is a group of interested citizens willing to work together in tackling this issue. It was a very productive meeting. Superintendent Ng offered his full support to the Stop Racism Alliance. This is a very positive development.

Then, on Wednesday, November 20, my Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) Nanak Niwas on Richmond’s Highway to Heaven, along with various other faith communities, was invited to participate in Peace and Togetherness Interfaith Event organized by Gilmore Park United Church at Blundell and #1 Road .It had invited representatives of a number of faith groups to share the beauty of their faiths with each other and invited guest sand the congregation. It was an excellent way to enhance mutual understanding and appreciation of each other’s faith. Both of these initiatives are commendable. They go a long way in tackling the issues of racism and hate crime in our communities. Canada is a model of inclusion, compassion and multiculturalism. We should not let a handful of misguided individuals tarnish its image.

Balwant Sanghera

Richmond, BC



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