NHL, NFL, SOCCER: Top Bet-Worthy Annual Sports Tournaments

Sports betting has seen constant development over the decades. From being a small-time activity between a few people, it is now a highly entertaining form of earning money. Add to that the mobility factor that allows people to bet from the comfort of their homes, and it is now possible for a first-timer to make a profit without having to do much. As the notion of betting on sports becomes legal, country after country, more gamblers and fans than ever are now making money while enjoying thrilling sporting action regularly.

Before jumping into the deep end of the sports betting world, a beginner must take some time to learn more about how bookies function. They need to be aware of bonuses and promotions that can help them gain a monetary advantage from the very start.

Also, understanding the different odds and bets can go a long way in making sure this journey is lucrative for a long time. Most importantly, it pays to spread bets across different highly bet-worthy options that take place annually, as they are the ideal opportunity to earn an income from betting throughout the year.


Amongst the most awaited events in the West, NHL has all the traits that make sports fun to watch. With larger than life players, intense action inside the rink, and passionate fans, the NHL season is incredibly popular with bookmakers. While bettors can place wagers on individual games throughout, it is the Stanley Cup that is the most gainful. You will find Stanley Cup odds advertised by bookies months before the season starts, but it really gets gripping towards the end, as the finals approach. While professionals can make the most of advance odds, beginners might be better off waiting till the end, for a less anxious win.


Surprisingly, even though American Football is played only by a few countries, it is one of the most profitable sports in the world. Once again, every NHL season is a treasure trove of sporting action with surprises around each corner. Betting on the NFL requires that you keep a close eye on transfers and transactions during the off-season, but also on how well the team performs early on. If a particular team is playing well during their first ten odd games, you can count on them to keep up the momentum for the remainder of the tournament, barring any unforeseen injuries.

Premier League

Everyone, including fans from non-playing nations, appreciates soccer. No wonder it is the most loved game in the entire world. Although several football tournaments take place throughout the year, in different parts of the globe, the Premier League is by far the most popular. This English league invests millions of pounds into the game and attracts the topmost players, both local as well as from different nations. Regular matches, passionate fan following, the thrilling edge of the seat games, and with bookies releasing odds for every possible outcome, the Premier League is undoubtedly one competition any amateur or professional punter have to bet on.

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