Punjabi Radio Host In Social Media War With Keep The RCMP in Surrey, Says “Delhi Force” An Ethnic Slur

SURREY – The fight over whether to keep the RCMP in Surrey, which is still on the table, or keep going with the expensive Surrey Police, there is a war of words broken out between a Punjabi radio host and Keep The RCMP in Surrey, the chief lobbying group that wants to keep the RCMP in Surrey and avoid the $129 million transition costs

Ashiana Khan, owner of MediaWaves radio, is accusing Keep The RCMP in Surrey group of using “Delhi Force” to refer to the proposed Surrey police force as a racial slur.

Khan is also accusing the Group of using their “official account and some fake accounts to defame her.”

“I also received an email from Ivan Scott (Coordinator of Keep the RCMP Campaign) calling me racist. Being a female and minority group broadcaster, He chose me as an easy target. This is not only a direct intervention to my work but also a personal attack on me and all ethnic media,” Khan said in a press release.

In an email, Scott allegedly wrote according to Khan’s press release: “Ashiana who? By calling yourself ethnic radio you are exposing yourself as a racist of the first order. Is that the best you can do? My answer to you is HaHaHa HaHaHaHaHaHa!!…forever …. fake news at its non-finest …… hahahahahahahaha ….”

Summer is ending but apparently the temperatures on the Surrey-Police-RCMP debate will continue to get heated up well into the winter.

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