Five Top Online Games To Bring You A Massive Win – Easy And Fast

With so many different online games, it might be a problem for you to choose the best one to win money. Of course, different gambles come with different winning odds and require different skills from players. If you are relatively new to the works of online gambling, then we will guide you and help you pick the game that will significantly boost your capital with no special efforts on your end.

Magic Casino Games to Make Your Rich

There are several different games that stand out as the highest paying ones. And this will always be your best bet when you decide on how to distribute your bankroll. While skill-based games require an understanding of the basic strategy, other games at the best payout online casinos require nothing beyond their built-in house edge. So without further ado, here are the best online games that offer you the highest winning odds.

#1 – Blackjack – Casino Advantage – 1.5% +

Blackjack is one of the most popular games among seasoned gamblers and high rollers. However, novice players adore blackjack as well. As a game of skill, winning at blackjack requires you to play a perfect game and make mathematically optimal decisions. With a minimum house edge of just 1.5%, blackjack is almost perfect.

#2 – Craps – 1.4% Casino Advantage – 5%

This dice game implies a casino edge of 1.4% for the passing bet, which is paid in 1: 1. Of course, this is not as generous as the payout in roughly equivalent winnings in blackjack, which pays out 3: 2. Nevertheless, your winning chances at craps are quite high compared to other casino gaming options.

#3 – Three-Card Poker – Casino Advantage – 1.5% +

Another game with a house edge that tapers off as you get better is three-card poker. If you’ve taken the time to improve your poker game or make decisions, you can reduce your advantage to that level by making a mathematically correct bet in every round. The individual rules of the game will also affect the RTP. So it should not be taken for granted that you will play with a boosted edge. But if you know the game specs, then you will definitely “bring real money home.”

#4 – Video Poker – Casino Advantage – 0.5% -1.5%

Video poker is another game that will pleasantly surprise you with high winning odds in case you master your gambling skills. Of course, you need to play smart and make the right decisions with every hand. However, as many video poker machines do the job for you suggesting how to play, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Please note that a positive RTP rating does not mean you are guaranteed to win.

#5 – Slots – Casino Advantage – 2% -8%

Slot machines are considered to be low-income games, whose RTP coefficients range from 95% to about 98%. They are completely random – set your bet, spin, and cross your fingers to make combinations fall out to pay out a decent reward. You have to be careful with your games as some of them clearly offer a higher return to players than others.


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