COVID-19 And Its Effect on The Gambling Industry

Virtually every industry felt the impact of COVID-19 (positive or negative). The gambling industry is one of the industries that benefited from the opportunity COVID-19 presented. While online casinos enjoyed a steady rise in users, sportsbooks struggled during the period. Click here to find the best online casinos offering top bonuses.

The reason why Sportsbooks initially struggled was because of the closure of the major leagues to contain the spread of the virus. However, with football and other major leagues back, Sportsbooks are now enjoying massive patronage.

The lottery also experienced significant changes as a result of COVID-19. There is a shift in customer buying patterns, with many customers now switching over to playing the lottery online. This helped increase patronage for some Lottery products.

Here are the effects of cOVID-19 on gambling:

  1. Boom for Online Gambling

The greatest beneficiaries of COVID-19 in the gambling industry is online gambling. Online casinos and other gambling networks enjoyed an increase in users. The reason for this is the shift in consumer pattern,

With land-based casinos and other physical gambling spots closed or limited due to COVID-19, these players had no choice put to turn to online gambling. Supporting systems like mobile apps saw a rise in downloads and usage.

  1. Decline of Physical Gambling Houses

There is a fear in the gambling world that physical gambling houses will keep declining and declining until it is no longer attractive. The argument is that online casinos are more attractive and easier for consumers while physical gambling houses are beginning to lose their appeal. Thanks to COVID-19 and the lockdown restrictions, users are now turning to online options.

While it is farfetched to predict the death of physical gambling houses, there is no doubt that they are in a decline. Many traditional gambling houses now have their websites where you can play virtually all the gaming options.

Even when these physical houses open shop, most consumers will probably stay away out of safety concerns. Or they would have fallen in love with the flexibility and options online gambling allows and find trips to physical gambling houses unattractive.

  1. Sports Betting Declined and Bounced Back

While online casinos were booming during the lockdowns, sports betting took a hit. The major sporting events and leagues were put on pause and some outrightly canceled. Major leagues like the NBA, NHL, EPL, and others were on hold. Without these leagues where over 90% of sports betting comes from, sports betting struggled.

Many sportsbooks had to close down many of their physical retails.  Sportsbooks had to cut massively their advertising and marketing costs. Fantasy sports, esports, and stimulations became attractive for sportsbooks to offer to their consumers.

When sporting activities returned to normalcy, sportsbooks enjoyed their pre-COVID patronage and profits. Advertising and marketing costs returned to normal. The bounce-back showed how dependent sportsbooks are on these major sporting leagues.

  1. Revealed the stability of online gambling

COVID-19 showed the world the stability of online gambling. Throughout the period, online gambling especially online casinos did not experience any threats or dips. Rather, online casinos grew and saw a rise in the number of active players. In many parts of the world, all recorded surveys and statistics showed that there was a rise in online gambling even with COVID-19.

Online casinos offering Roulette, Liv Poker, and Blackjack and many exciting games saw growth in players’ numbers.

  1. The Growth of e-sports Betting

E-sport is a type of sport using video games to compete. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, e-sports was already a hot cake. It is the fastest-growing sport in the world. COVID-19 helped boost its growth and popularity. The socially distanced e-sport competitions are a perfect match for a COVID economy.

  1. Change in Consumer Behaviour

COVID-19 lockdowns across the world made staying indoors more attractive to avoid contact with people and spreading the virus. Because of this, no more crowds to sports games and cancellation or suspension of major leagues. Even with the return, the change in consumer behavior shows no signs of waning any time soon.

What is the change in consumer behaviors? Many players who preferred the physical gambling houses are now viewing online gambling as a safer and better alternative. The locks on these land-based gambling houses boosted further the appeal of online gambling to the populace.

The gambling landscape is changing, as the gambling houses decline, online gambling is on the upward trajectory.


The effects of COVID-19 had a far-reaching effect on the gambling industry. Generally, the effect was positive. While online gambling experienced some growth, the same was not so for sports betting and the physical gambling houses.

E-sports, already the fastest growing sports in the world, became even more popular.

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