Acharya Dwivedi

Karva Chuth, a popular Hindu festival, is observed by the married women. They observe the fast (Vrat) and pray to Lord Ganesha, Shankara, Devi Gauri and Kartikeya for the long life, good -health and prosperity of their husbands. It falls on fourth day of the month of Kartik, following emergence of the full moon. It was held on November 3 in North America and those who follow India’s time they observed it on 4th November 2020.

Fasting is practiced, all around the world, by the followers of some religions and spiritual traditions. It is quite beneficial for physical, mind and spiritual uplift.

Because of Covid-19 ladies could not attend the usual long gathering in religious centers so rituals were organized virtually. The Global Hindu Foundation arranged it on November 3 in Surrey; and ladies in groups followed the ritual instructions given by Acharya Dwivedi. He narrated the popular story from the scripture, Vaman Puran. He encouraged the husbands to support their wives and observe fast. Deepa Sharma played an important role in publicizing the event. Vikash and Sheetal Gautam provided the technical support.

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