LIVING LEGACIES 2021: Multifaith Action Society Launches Annual Calendar Virtually

By Acharya S.P.Dwivedi

The Multifaith Action Society is one of the oldest interfaith society of Canada which has been promoting peace, inter-faith understanding, harmony and cooperation for about fifty years. They have been publishing Multifaith Calendar since 1986 to facilitate comprehension of religious festivals and occasions to our diverse communities. It is held in high regard for its accuracy, complete and virtual impact, and it is regarded as an excellent educational resource also. It provides description for dates of festivals of 14 world religions.

The conference was opened with the welcoming address by the President of the MAS, Connie Waterman and followed by the sacred texts of 8 Faith Nations read by Dr. Parvaneh Farhangpour and Mr. John Sargent from the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve.

Bernard Bouska , the publication manager of multifaith calendar introduced the artists whose paintings are included with other artists in the 2021 calendar. Damian John is a Tl’azten artist from Ymir, BC explores the big colors, bold characters and story, and Dierdre Keohane is an Irish Canadian and her magical work reflects surrounds.

Connie Waterman introduced the musicians. The musical entertainment was provided, in two intervals, by celebrated musicians Cheryl, Bruce Harding and Amarjeet Singh. Their eclectic musical style melds a liberal theology of healing and understanding. They were joined by young artists Bhargavi and Prabhansh.

Connie introduced the Keynote speakers that was delivered by “The Three Amigos” which is compressed of Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Don Mackenzie and Imam Jamal Rahman. They started working together after 9/11. They have unique blend of their wisdom and humor to audiences all over the USA, Canada, Israel and Japan. They authored three books.

The group discussion was organized by the office manager Marcus Haynes who randomly assigned the participants in small groups to reflect on the keynote address-Living Legacy. The discussion centered around the themes ‘unconditional love’, ‘compassion’ and ’oneness’.

Almost hundred people participated in the celebration and its technical support was successfully provided by Marcus and Director Cathy Merchant.

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