“Gora” Hubby Sings ‘Tum Hi Ho’ To His Sikh-Canadian Bride


TORONTO – In typical Christian weddings, the bride and the groom often express their love for each other through vows prepared by them.

But Frank Gregoire, a Caucasian marrying a Sikh-Canadian woman, struck a special note –by singing the popular Hindi song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ for his bride to tell her how he loved her in a very unique way.

The video of Gregoire humming the Bollywood song from the love story ‘Aashiqui 2’ to impress his Sikh bride has gone viral on social media.

Simran Malhotra, the bride, was initially taken aback as she realised her soon-to-be husband was singing a Hindi song. She eventually started crying, seemingly with tears of happiness.

Frank Gregoire reportedly took six weeks to learn the famous song which he performed on their wedding day.

Not unlike the song and its singer, the wedding looks like it was a concoction of western-Indian traditions. Simran was seen wearing traditional bangles with a white gown and has even applied henna on her hands, commonly applied by brides in India.

The award-winning song was sung by Arijit Singh, a Bengali playback singer, and is a cult romantic song which featured in the Bollywood blockbuster movie ‘Aashiqui 2’.