10-Year-Old British-Sikh Girl Who Was Called ‘Terrorist’ Gives An Emotional Response


LONDON  – A 10-year-old Sikh girl, who when asked to play with a group of teenagers in South London, was told she couldn’t play with them as she was a “terrorist”.

On Monday, Munsimar Kaur shared a 1:50-minute video on her father Gurpreet Singh’s Facebook page, ‘Sikh Dad’, narrating her experience, which went beyond just the first incident.

The girl had gone to Plumstead Adventure Playground with her grandmother earlier this week, where the teenagers sent her off by labelling her a terrorist. Munsimar said she was left “heartbroken”, but said she “kept her head up and walked away”.

The school-going girl returned the next day and became friends with a nine-year-old, only to hear from the new friend’s mother that she couldn’t play with her because she was “dangerous”.

In a Facebook post with Munsimar’s video, her father wrote: “My eldest daughter Munsimar Kaur, aged 10, tells her own true story. Today it was my child, tomorrow it could be yours. #racism #racismisreal #notoracism #stopracism #hateracism #antiracism #razzismo #ignorance #ignorantpeople #sikhdad #lifeofdad #dadtribe #dadscomm #thedadnetwork #igparentlife #sikhblogs #sikh #turban #mykids #mychildren #hair #identity #healthychildren #healthykids #london #uk #park.”

In the video, she said: “On Monday and Tuesday, at a park I was treated not very nicely by four kids and a mother of a young girl”.

“On Monday, two boys who looked like they were between 14-17 years old, and two girls who looked like they were in their late teens, when I asked to play the game they were playing and the queue was a mile long they said loud and clear ‘No you can’t play because you’re a terrorist’.


“This obviously broke my heart, but I kept my head up, and went away.”


In her message to the world, Munsimar’s notes: “This experience has shown me the lack of exposure and knowledge some people have. And Sikhs are naturally caring and no matter what, we will love everyone.”


“But I need to speak out about this because not everyone is strong enough to walk away or has suitable parents to talk to and handle this racism. I will hang out with the right people.”


On an optimistic note, she calls on anyone else going through similar racism to speak to their parents and keep their chin up because it will all work out in the end.


Her video has attracted scores of messages of support, with people applauding the schoolgirl’s “class act” and praising her for her courage.


“You are a truly inspiring individual Munsimar! Such courage and eloquence in your words – sadly racism persists but we can collectively value diversity and inclusion,” said Gurch Randhawa, Professor of Diversity in Public Health at the Institute for Health Research at the University of Bedfordshire.


Munsimar’s parents—Navrup Kaur and Gurpreet Singh—run online groups called ‘Sikh Mum’ and ‘Sikh Dad’ to share their experiences of parenting within their community.