11% Of Punjab’s Elderly Face Abuse


CHANDIGARH -Punjab figuresamong the topfour states as far asthe elderly population(60 years andabove) is concerned.It is atnumber 4 with10.3 per cent elderly population. Kerala with12.6 per cent elderly population is on the topof the list, followed by Goa and Tamil Naduwith 11.2 per cent and 10.3 per cent elderlypopulation, respectively. A report on “TheStatus of Elderly in Punjab” was released hereat CRRID by its Director General, Prof SuchaSingh Gill. “Declining fertility and increasinglongevity have resulted in an increasing populationof elderly people,” saidAshwini Kumar Nanda, one ofthe authors of the report. Ithas been estimated by theUnited Nations that India’selderly population, which is atpresent 8.6 per cent, would goup to 20 per cent of its totalpopulation by 2050.Elderly abuse in form of disrespect,neglect and in economicand physical terms is a growingconcern in Punjab. About 11per cent such population isreportedly facing it. There areissues related to their socialsecurity.

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