14 year old hit by dump truck in Burnaby had moved from Afghanistan recently


The Burnaby community and Byrne Creek Community School are mourning the loss of a 14-year-old girl who died last week after being hit by a dump truck.

Although Burnaby police have not release identity of the victim but according to media reports, the girl was from Afghanistan who had moved to Canada only last year with her mother and siblings, to join his father who was already in Canada.

Surrey Afghan Mosque organized a prayer session for MuskaBehzad where hundreds of people joined parents of the Muska to mourn the tragic loss.

A GoFundMe page has been created by Jan Fawad for Lutfullah Behzad the father of the victim to pay for the funeral expenses. He has received overwhelming response from the community as $34,000 have already been raised.

The page describes Muska as “a young girl who recently arrived from Afghanistan with her mother and siblings to join her father, who had worked immensely hard to provide a better future for his family and is the sole provider.”

The accident was an immense shock to both her family and the community. As she was walking home from Byrne Creek Community School on May 5th 2022, at approximately 3:20 pm, her life had tragically ended after being hit and killed by a dump truck on 11th Avenue near 16th Street.

The Page mentions, “This tragedy has left her entire family and community in utter shock and despair. She was known to be generous, kind, loving and the eldest of her siblings, helping her Mother with all that was required in the home while also keeping her dreams alive.”

She excelled in her studies and took care of her younger siblings, helping her parents when and where she could. She often spoke of her future goals and aspirations to become a contributing member of the community and Canada at large.

Her new life was filled with new friends, a new school, new neighbors, and a new city, and she was so proud to have arrived in Canada with so many hopes.

Burnaby RCMP’s Criminal Collision Investigation Team is continuing to investigate a tragic collision and continues to gather evidence and is in possession of video from the area, including surveillance video that shows one view of the incident.

Burnaby RCMP is looking at all factors and circumstances that may have contributed to this tragic event, though speed and impairment are not believed to be elements.

“Police are aware that a dog had been nearby at the time of the collision. Investigators are still analyzing all statements and information, however, there is no indication the dog was behaving dangerously or had previously been the subject of any complaints to police,” police said.

“We know the community is looking for answers as to what caused this tragic collision. We are asking people not to jump to conclusions as our officers continue to gather necessary evidence. There are many people affected by this tragedy and we are working to ensure supports are in place for anyone affected,” said Cpl. Mike Kalanj with Burnaby RCMP.

The truck company involved continues to cooperate with the investigation, according to the police.