SC Rejects Sajjan Kumar’s Plea, Asks Him To Face Murder Trial

LONDON – Conman RakeshBhayani, aka, ‘Mad IndianGambler’ has been reportedlyfound guilty of murdering anescort and former lover to payoff his gambling losses and savehis marriage.Bhayani, 41, killed CaroleWaugh, 49, in her expensiveLondon flat in April last year,and had planned to sell herhome, use up her bank depositsand shares to pay off the losseshe suffered because of gambling.According to the Independent,Waugh’s body was stuffed into aholdall, dumped in the boot of acar and left in a south Londonlock-up after Bhayani recruitedNicholas Kutner, 48, a careerconman, to join his plot.The pair of conmen finallyturned on each other andaccused each other of killingWaugh. The report said thatBhayani was sentenced life inprison over charges of murderwhile Kutner, was cleared ofmurder but found guilty of pervertingthe course of justiceover the disposal of Waugh’sbody. Bhayani and Waugh hadmet online and after the conmanwas successful at making herbelieve he was ‘one of the goodguys’, she started lendinghim large sums and supportedhim even when hewas sent to prison over earlierfrauds. However, whenshe demanded her loansback and threatened toexpose his double life to hisfamily, Bhayani murderedher. The report said thatBhayani had a long history ofscams dating back 20 years andclaimed that he started gamblingfrom the age of eight, using slotmachines at fairgrounds.