1984 Massacre Of Sikhs Accused Congress MP Kamal Nath Told To Apologize For His Threatening Tone In Parliament


NEW DELHI – Angry BJP benches accused parliamentary affairs minister KamalNath of arrogance, telling him that floor management requires humility, as LokSabha struggled to discharge normal business amid disruptions over Robert Vadra’s land deals and TDP’s continuing protests on Telangana.

BJP veteran Murli Manohar Joshi complained that Nath spoke in a threatening tone when the House assembled post-lunch which was not acceptable. “He should behave,” Joshi said, addressing the chair. He added, “The way he is talking, the House cannot function in this manner. This is not the way.”

The plaint referred to angry remarks from Nath when Lok Sabha reassembled after the lunch session amid slogan shouting, having failed to discharge business in the morning session.

Nath acknowledged he was agitated because of repeated adjournments. “I was requesting all the members. I had requested him (Joshi)… I thought that the House will run after 2 pm. Out of anger, I said this House does not belong to me, this House belongs to you also,” the parliamentary affairs minister said, seeking to placate the agitated BJP benches.

While clarifying, Nath jibed again, telling protesting BJP members that he did not need lessons in behaviour from them. He, however, added that he respected the elders and was withdrawing the angry outburst that had hurt Joshi.

Leader of opposition Sushma Swaraj told Nath that he lacked humility and added that sometimes, the manner of expressing a sentiment is more important than what the sentiment is.