23 Indo-American Entrepreneurs In Forbes’ ‘Brightest Young Stars’


NEW YORK – Over20 Indo-American youngentrepreneurs are among Forbesmagazine’s annual list of theworld’s “brightest young stars”under the age of 30 from diversefields like finance, media, sportsand education, described bythe publication as “prodigiesreinventing the world right now.”The Forbes third annual‘30 Under 30’ list comprisesyoung achievers in 15 differentfields and includes icons likepop singers Justin Bieber, MileyCyrus and Taylor Swift, founderand CEO of the short-formblogging platform TumblrDavid Karp, tennis player MariaSharapova and Pakistani girls’rights activist Malala Yousafzai.“This is an exhilarating timeto be young and ambitious. Neverbefore has youth been such anadvantage. These founders andfunders, brand builders and dogoodersaren’t waiting aroundfor a proper career bump upthe establishment ladder. Theirambitions are way bigger andperfectly suited to the dynamic,entrepreneurial, and impatientdigital world they grew up in,”Forbes said.The list of 450 youngachievers includes 23 men andwomen who are of Indian-originand are doing exemplary worklike founding learning centers inIndia, or establishing a softwarecompany that helps teacherstrack classroom behavior,working as vice president at anAmerican football team basedin Jacksonville, Florida andowner of an exclusive chocolateboutique.The young turks in thefield of finance include GaneshBetanabhatla, 28, who is theManaging director at investmentfirm Talara Capital.Rushabh Doshi, 29, is atrader at financial firm DWInvestment Management, whospecialises in high-yield anddistressed debt. ChaitanyaMehra, 28, is the portfoliomanager at investment firmOch-Ziff Capital Management.Neil Mehta, 29, is thefounder of investment firmGreenoaks Capital, where hemanages some $600 million,investing in industries rangingfrom ecommerce to insurance.Sahil Lavingia, 21, is thefounder and CEO of Gumroad,a web tool that lets creatorsquickly and easily sell digitalproducts online.Among the list of socialentreprenuers is 29-year-oldKaran Chopra who cofounded,GADCO, which is Ghana’slargest producer of rice.Krishna Ramkumar, 28, isthe cofounder of Avanti, a groupof learning centers in Mumbai,Delhi, Kanpur and Chennai thatprovides 750 bright, low-incomehigh school students withscience and math education.Ajaita Shah, 29, foundedIndia-based Frontier Marketswhich brings clean energyto families at the base of thepyramid.Kavita Shukla, 29, inventedand patented FreshPaper a lowcost,compostable paper infusedwith edible organic spices thatkeeps produce fresh two to fourtimes longer while still in highschool.Making a mark in the fieldof sports is 28-year-old MeghaParekh, who is Vice presidentat American football teamJacksonville Jaguars.

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