28 Percent Of Indians Would Go Abroad Even For 10 Percent Hike


BANGALORE – 28 percent of Indians are ‘very likely’ to take up a full time job overseas for two to three years if given a 10 percent pay hike. As per a survey by global research company Ipsos on behalf of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council, 2 in 10 employees in the 24 countries that were surveyed would consider moving to another country for the right job, a pay rise and other incentives.

The other countries where people would like to relocate internationally are Mexico with 34 percent, Brazil 32 percent and Russia and Turkey with 31 percent each and Saudi Arabia with 27 percent.

Apart from a pay hike, most global employees said the motivating factor for them to move abroad would be a guaranteed option to return to their current role after two years with 35 percent saying this would make them much more likely to take the job. 30 percent said round trip tickets to visit home would motivate them. While 29 percent said paid language training would motivate them, another 28 percent went with being provided with education courses to upgrade their skills.

Biswarup Banerjee, Ipsos India Head (Marketing Communications) said “It is interesting to observe that employees from developed countries like Sweden, the U.S., Australia, Canada ,Belgium, Germany , Japan, Great Britain, and France are least likely to relocate compared to employees in developing countries like Mexico, Brazil ,Russia , Turkey and India,” as reported by PTI.

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