30 Million Female Foetuses Killed In India Since Independence


NEW DELHI – Six decades of independence has changed India’s government multifold, India’s economy, sports, relationship with neighbouring countries and what not. But the mindset and beliefs are still intact in our people. While the world gives examples of our oak strong traditional cultures, there are a lot of social issues which act like parasites in the beautiful “The Golden Bird”.

The most dreadful of them is the girl-boy inequality. No doubt Indian women are kissing sky, but if we look at the root level, the frightening picture surfaces. The sixty year period after 1947 has witnessed a loss of over 3 crore girls even before they stepped into this world. In the 21st century, the girl child continues to be murdered before she is born, to be precise, 6 lakhs every year. In fact it has been a practice for hundreds of years.

The embedded short film is a brave attempt which brings out the emotions of one such affected young urban mother. Written and Directed by Abishek Chandran, an Assistant Editor at SiliconIndia, the film “302” got screened in the International Film Festival of Rajasthan (IFFR) 2012 and made it to the ‘Top 10 Appreciated Films’ in the esteemed film festival judged by Director Devanshu Singh and Actor Virendra Saxena.

More shocking is the fact that the sinful crime of female foeticide is not just prevalent in rural areas where social discrimination against women, lack of proper education etc. can be considered as reasons behind such acts, but also the modern, so-called ‘educated’ people living in urban areas and metropolitan cities who are a step ahead in killing the girl child in the womb.

Narrow-minded people murder their unborn daughters for the fear of giving dowry. The girl child is considered a burden. They want a boy child to take their family’s name forward and earn bread for their family. This has also led to other crimes like human trafficking, rape, sexual harassment, molestation, verbal abuse, torture and exploitation.

There is an urgent need of undoing the traditional wrongs of a gendered society. The unbalanced sex ratio has to find a balance in order to maintain the progress of the country.

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