36 Percent Of Indian Engineering Graduates “Are Not Even Trainable”


NEW DELHI – The architect of Delhi Metro Rail, E Sreedharan had expressed strong concern over deterioration in quality of engineering education and the fall of values in the society, reports The Hindu. He also stressed on the need for improving employment among engineering students.

Citing a survey conducted by a Kerala-based Magazine, the Metro Man had said that only 12 percent of the engineering graduates in the country were willingly employable and that 36 percent of them were not even trainable and another 52 percent can be made useful to the industry by further training. He believed that due to the fast rise in engineering colleges, most of these colleges have started as business ventures with political aid.

Dr E Sreedharan was the chief guest at The Second Convocation of Jawaharlal Lal Nehru Tehnological University-Kakinada (JNTU-K). In the speech delivered at the convocation, Dr Sreedharan said that engineering is a noble and an edifying profession. He opined that knowledge alone is supreme strength.

He said that every success is a feather in the cap and every failure is a stepping stone to success for an engineer. In his speech, he criticized social evils and corruption that had degraded human values. He asked the students to instill ethical and moral values in their personalities all the time. He urged the members of the faculty to teach truthfulness, Ahimsa and compassion to their students. “The country will see unprecedented and accelerated growth for many years to come. I am sure that bright opportunities are beckoning the engineers and scientists stepping out of this young university,” he quoted, reports The Hindu.

“The high standards of the profession should not be sacrificed for personal advantages or short term financial gains. Unfortunately we see this too often in our country and engineers in general do not enjoy a clean reputation,” he observed.