A Home for Everyone: Mayor McCallum Announces Plan to Fast Track homeownership with online system


SURREY, BC: The Mayor of Surrey and Safe Surrey Coalition’s mayoral candidate Doug McCallum has announced plan “A Home For Everyone” to increase the housing supply in the city and create affordability by cutting red tape.

In order to find a new innovative solution to deliver attainable and affordable housing options for the City of Surrey residents, McCallum’s plan is to fast track housing permit approvals by creating an online system that allows residents to choose a stock template of a house plan.

Once they have submitted their request, they will receive a permit in two weeks – cutting down on the red tape and expediting the process.

“The residents of Surrey should not have to leave the city they grew up in to buy a house. The Safe Surrey Coalition is taking immediate action with the “A Home For Everyone” plan to help with housing supply and affordability. We believe that by expediting the permits and cutting down on red tape, the affordable and attainable housing supply will increase. It’s time for Surrey to have available and attainable affordable housing,” said Mayor Doug McCallum.