‘Aam Aadmi’ Government In Punjab Already, Claims Badal


BATHINDA – Call it Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal affect or a ploy tocome closer to the people (electorates), but Punjab chief minister ParkashSingh Badal has started claiming SAD-BJP to be an ‘aam aadmi ‘ government.Badal, going by the popularity of Kejriwals’ aam aadmi initiative, has started tocall his govt to be an aam aadmi one. Badal, while presiding over sangat darshanprogramme at Talwandio Sabo on Thursday, said: “it is aam aadmi governmentand we do not want to keep distance between the people and the governmentand we are determined to solve all your problems”. The ground reality,however, belied the claims as hundreds of policemen, commandoes weredeployed and barricading was done to separate peoples’ enclosure to that ofthe chief minister. On being asked about Kejriwal fulfilling his promises andfreely mixing with the people, Badal only said: “what Kejriwal is doing, we havebeen doing for a long time.”