Achieving  For Delta Pushes For Plan To Help Young Families


DELTA — Home to some of the Lower Mainland’s best schools, facilities, and natural wonders, coupled with some of the region’s lowest property taxes, Delta is fast-becoming one of the most popular cities to live in.

But the growth of the city has not kept up with the demand, especially for those looking to rent, downsize, or enter the market for the first time – and Achieving for Delta’s millennial candidates are coming forward on the urgent need to elect council members who will ensure that young families and seniors don’t get left behind.

“Having lived here our whole lives, my wife Katie and I are looking forward to starting our family in Delta – but if something doesn’t change quickly, we’re not sure if a future here is possible,” says Dylan Kruger, who is one of six council candidates running on George Harvie’s Achieving for Delta slate. “Our friends are getting married, starting their families, and moving out of Delta to Abbotsford, Chilliwack, or even further because there’s nowhere affordable for them to live – and the local jobs and investments are following them.”

“This is a major problem – and now more than ever, we need to take bold action in keeping young families in Delta. That’s why I’m running for council under Achieving for Delta – it’s the only slate with a plan to put Delta’s young families and seniors first by providing more housing options from day one in office — because Delta’s young families and seniors can’t wait.”

At his campaign launch in May, Harvie announced his plan to “completely re-engineer” Delta’s building permit process with the goal of dramatically reducing timelines to get projects completed faster. Leveraging his extensive experience from 17-years in office as Delta’s City Manager, he says this will result in less cost to the purchaser or renter and will allow the city to more quickly collect property taxes, which he has promised to invest back into Delta’s facilities, infrastructure, and vital community services.

According to Harvie, the plan goes beyond removing red tape and overhauling approval processes – it’s about working together with all stakeholders to re-imagine Delta’s housing market without compromising on Delta’s green spaces or agricultural land.

“I will ensure no one gets left behind by working with agencies such as Metro Vancouver Housing and the provincial and federal governments to ensure we fill the gaps: housing for renters, seniors, and young families working to enter the market,” said Harvie. “I will also work collaboratively with local builders to identify opportunities for housing development in town centres, where new residents will be situated in close proximity to local shops and restaurants, helping Delta businesses to thrive.”

Alicia Guichon and Dylan Kruger join Dan Copeland, Param Grewal, Lois Jackson, and Cal Traversy on the Achieving for Delta council slate. Erica Beard, Daniel Boisvert, Jessie Dosanjh, and Sujay Nazareth are running for school board.

The general election takes place on Saturday, October 20.