Ajay Devgn On His Working Style & ‘Runway 34’: I’m Not A Method Actor; I’m Very Spontaneous


New Delhi: Bollywood star Ajay Devgn in his over a three-decade-long journey in Hindi cinema has given seen the highs of highs with the work he has done. The powerful performer says he does not get affected by portraying intense roles on screen as he is not a method actor but a spontaneous one.
The 53-year-old actor-filmmaker currently awaits the release of his upcoming film ‘Runway 34’, a film reportedly inspired by the true events of the Jet Airways Doha to Kochi flight that had a narrow escape on August 2015, after facing difficulties to land at Cochin International Airport due to bad weather and unclear visibility.
Talking to IANS about if an intense role or a film like ‘Runway 34’ affects him, Ajay in a conversation with IANS said: “No, it doesn’t because I am not a method actor. I am a very spontaneous actor.”
The actor, who has been feted with two National Film Awards,added: “I start thinking how a character would think in that situation and perform and if I think too much about the character or about how I am going to do it, I will lose the spontaneity and stop feeling. I don’t like rehearsing. I just want to think about the character feel it and go out and do it. So as soon as it is over I also switch off.”
Ajay, who has been honoured by the Government of India with the Padma Shri in 2016, spoke about the challenges he faced during the shoot of ‘Runway 34’, which also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Rakul Preet Singh.
He shared that they used almost 14 cameras in the cockpit to get the right shots.
“But then that is where my forte is technically I design a lot of things. Apart from a great script it is always the challenge of how somebody else can’t do it and how I will do it. That’s why I make films also. Even in ‘Shivaay’ there were mountains and things and here it was a different situation.”
The superstar also shared reasons why ‘Runway 34’ is a must watch.
“It has got a nice mystery to it. when you see the film till the end you will wonder if he is right or wrong. The character is very intelligent and brilliant but still somewhere loves to break rules… Also, touching the chord is we all fly and I don’t think we touch our lives with anybody more than a captain…”
He added: “Even if there is a little turbulance wed be scared for a bit but then we are like he’s there and he knows what he is dong… and lot of captains have reacted also that their jobs are very tough… They have to be so well trained and have to be there 24×7 one wrong decision and all can kill a lot of people. It is a big responsibility… That’s the chord.”

‘Runway 34’ is all set to hit the big screen on April 29.