Akali MLA Blames BSF For Drug Smuggling


CHANDIGARH – Khemkaran SAD legislator Virsa Singh Valtoha today alleged that rogue elements in the Border Security Force (BSF) as well as government agencies were involved in drug smuggling from across the barbed wire fence with Pakistan.

Addressing mediapersons here today, Valtoha, who also released a letter written to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on the issue, said the BSF itself admitted that 70 per cent of the drugs passing through Punjab border came through the barbed wire fence on the Khalra-Khemkaran route in his constituency.

Valtoha said despite that, there was no increased surveillance in the belt nor were high-tech instruments, including night vision gadgets and fog lights, being used to prevent the menace. He said even CCTV cameras had not been placed along the barbed wire.

The Akali leader said it was ironical that the total drug recovery by the BSF in Punjab was only around a quintal in a year. “All statements issued to the Press by the BSF in case of drug recoveries claim that Pakistani smugglers ran back to their country after crossing the fence when an alert was sounded. How do Pakistani smugglers always manage to run back to their country and why are they not stopped from crossing the fence in the first place is something that needs an explanation,” he asked.