American Hegemony Changes To American Hooliganism With Russia Election Intervention


By Dr. Sawraj Singh

As it is becoming clear that America can no longer maintain its position as the only superpower of the world, it is becoming more  and more desperate and aggressive. Attack on Libya was the most brutal and the murder of Gaddafi was the most barbarian act. Then America tried to provoke Syria and Iran to get an excuse to attack those countries. Then it realized that Iran is a hard nut to crack and Iran has the potential of doing a lot of damage to the American interests, particularly closing the strait of Hormuz and disrupting the oil supply. This can prove disastrous, particularly at the time when America and western countries are facing one of the worst economic crisis.

America and the western countries have now shifted their focus to Syria. Under the garb of human rights they want to change the regime, as they did in Libya. They are inciting their agents in Syria to create conditions for the western intervention. However, Syria is not Libya and it is too close to the epicentre of turmoil in the middle east. Russia has decided to stand firmly on the side of Assad. It has sent ships to the Syrian coast and has given Syria missiles to defend itself form an aggression. It will not be easy task to get rid of Assad. America may be endangering the existence of its closest and dearest ally, Israel. Loss of such an ally may prove fatal for America itself.

The American desperation has reached a level which can be called the height of desperation when America has directly intervened in the Russian election. America and the western countries have pumped millions of dollars and have launched a media attack to over throw Putin. This can only be called playing with fire. Putin has openly accused America of interfering in the Russian election and pumping money in Russia to encourage  his opponents to protest against him. Putin has also reminded America and the world that Russia still is the biggest nuclear power in the world. Russia has more nuclear weapons than America. Russia has already declared that it can be the first to use the nuclear weapons. Putin has accused America of hypocrisy in criticizing the Russian elections because of its own record of the presidential election is very shady.

It is a common knowledge that Bush did not win the presidential election fairly. His brother, who was the Governor of Florida at that time and the Cuban Mafia helped from him to win the election by all means, including physically blocking the African Americans from voting. The Cuban Mafia and drug dealers were settled in south Florida by the CIA as a reward for helping in CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. They are the extreme fanatic rightists and anti communists in America. They have successfully blocked every move to open trade and normalize relations with Cuba. Thanks to them that America was rebuffed by Hugo Chavez and kept out of the new organization of the American countries. This organization has marginalized the American dominated Organization of the American States. It is one of the biggest blows to the American prestige, to be kicked out from its own back yard.

Russia has already raised stakes by declaring that it will use nuclear weapons in any conflict, if it feels that it can not meet that threat with conventional weapons.

It must be sending chills to the Europeans who may witness one other colleague disappearing from the world map. After Hungry, Czechoslovakia and Georgia, who came under the Russian Conventional attack while America stood on the Sidelines watching helplessly. Now America may repeat its performance while a country like Poland disappears from the world map. This possibility may have something to do with the closest American ally, England being completely isolated in Europe. Among the 27 European countries the British Score is 1 against 26. America has no realistic military recourse to a Russian nuclear attack on one of the European countries except a suicidal counter attack. I doubt that America is willing to sacrifice itself for the sake of an ally. Putin has China’s full support. It has awarded its Confucius peace prize to Putin. As in the case to Pakistan, America has very few options if the Chinese come to the support of a country whom America wants to punish. America will have to eat its pride in Russia as it did in Pakistan.

The Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is starting his visit to Russia. India should come to grips with the reality that the American ship is sinking and it is the extreme desperation which is leading America form hegemony to hooliganism The new aggressive American stance is not a sign of its strength but is a sign of its weakness. India should jump off the sinking ship as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences for India are obvious Russia has been the only time tested friend. Today, India really needs Russia on its side. Russia is our only hope. Some Indian leaders are raising the alarm about a Chinese attack. Instead of doing this they should be working on reviving our traditional friendship with Russia, that will be our biggest guarantee that China will not attack India.

Dr. Sawraj Singh, MD F.I.C.S. is the Chairman of the Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman of the Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice. He can be reached at [email protected] or 509-962-3652.