Amitabh Bachchan Considering Joining Adaptation Of Slumdog Millionaire Author’s Next


NEW DELHI – After makinghis Hollywood debut with BazLuhrmann’s The Great Gatsby,Amitabh Bachchan has reportedlybeen approached foranother international projectwhich is likely to be an adaptationof author Vikas Swaroop’sSix Suspects.The 71-year-old has beenapproached by BBC andS t a r f i e l dProductions tostar in the project,which willbe directed byaward winningArgentineanf i l m m a k e rPablo Trapero,read a statementissued onSaturday.Swaroop’s pastnovel Q & Awas adapted byDanny Boyleas SlumdogMillionnaire,which went onto win severalawards, includingeightA c a d e m yAwards.The GreatGatsby sawAmitabh, inthe role of Meyer Wolfsheim,share screen space withHollywood stars Tobey Maguireand Leonardo Di Caprio.