An early EID present for Surrey Resident who won $2-Million


BC/49 Prize

VANCOUVER:EID celebration started at Surrey resident Rahmat Ali’s house in advance. Although he didn’t realize at first that he scored the top prize of $2,000,000 from the March 26, 2022 BC/49 draw, he knew he would share any with family.

“At first, I didn’t know the amount… the retailer just told me it was a big win,” he recalled. “Once I found out how much I won I was shocked! I never thought I would win that big.”

Ali shared the happy news with his wife right away.

“I told my wife first and then my daughter and her husband. Everyone was very excited to find out,” he said.

The retiree plans to celebrate his win with a big family get-together and looks forward to gifting family members with some of his prize.

“My daughters who live in New Zealand are going to come home to celebrate, which is exciting. I came from very little growing up and want to help my kids and family for the future.”

Ali says he enjoys playing many different lottery games and prefers to play with Quick Picks.

He purchased his ticket from 7-Eleven on 128th Street and was at a FreshCo when he scanned his ticket on a self-scanner and later found out he matched all six numbers to win.

In 2021, British Columbians won more than $17 million in BC/49 prizes.

Players can purchase BC/49 at lottery retail locations and online at, with tickets available for the Wednesday and Sunday draws.

Winning numbers and group release forms are available online at Players can now check their lottery tickets anytime, on iOS and Android devices.