An ER doctor from Toronto appeals Premier Ford to visit ERs in person to witness healthcare crises


By Surbhi Gogia

An emergency room physician from Toronto’s hospital has written a letter to the Province’s premier in order to tackle the health care crisis that the Ontario is facing. Some of his recommendations are specific to Ontario, however, some are general that every province in Canada can consider to save the health care system which is being pushed to the brink including BC.

In his letter, Dr Raghu Venugopal has jotted down his recommendations for Premier Doug Ford to consider since they are coming from an experienced emergency physician.

Asking for increased salaries for nurses and allied health care professionals, he asked to rescind BILL 124. “Surprise Ontarians that you can compromise and back-track on a failed policy. You would be big hearted.”

Dr Venugopal, shared the letter on his Twitter, in which he recommended to expand public funding for dental care, eye care and prescription drugs to vulnerable sections.

He also recommended 10 days of sick leaves for Ontarians. He also asked the province to make a historical investment homecare, hospital care, rural health care, primary care and specialist care. “It’s not exclusively your fault Ontario Health care is collapsing, but you have the power to change things. Make history Premier Ford. Rebuild publicly funded health care in Ontario.”

His best advice came in the form of invitation to the Premier to visit ERs in person. “ERs are in crises. Show Ontarians you care. Come visit a few ERs. You can join me on an ER shift anytime. Or better yet, spend a shift with an ER nurse.”

Dr Venugopal said that we cannot hold one person or the Premier responsible for the crisis in healthcare system but leaders at policy making can change it with their strong decisions. BC government is initiating steps to save the collapsing health care system. And they can take a cue from Dr Venugopal’s recommendation to make in person visits to witness the crisis in BC hospital ERs.