Anna Hazare Says Congress -Led Government Has Cheated Entire Country


NEW DELHI – On the eve of day-long fast to protest against the Parliamentary Standing Committee report on Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare said government has “cheated” the entire country and that he will carry on his campaign till next Lok Sabha elections to create awareness against UPA.

The social activist said he suspected that Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi was behind Standing Committee rejecting even Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s promise to include the Citizen’s charter, lower bureaucracy and establishment of Lok Ayuktas in the states.

“They have cheated the whole country. The Prime Minister had given in writing that these three issues would be brought under the Lokpal Bill…The Prime Minister’s letter was thrown into the dustbin. Why this volte face? Is Singhvi’s post higher than that of the Prime Minister,” Hazare told reporters here.

“There is somebody behind… Who is bigger than the Prime Minister?… We suspect Rahul Gandhi could be behind this… Who else can dare to challenge the Prime Minister? That is why there are these problems,” Hazare said, alleging that their intentions are “not good”.

He was referring to Standing Committee headed by Abhishek Singhvi which has disfavoured inclusion of Group C and D employees and kept out Citizen’s charter and Lokayukta.