Antara Deb, Reah Arora among 4 new Candidates of Burnaby Citizens Association to run for City Council


BURNABY – The Burnaby Citizens Association has chosen four new candidates to run for election to Burnaby City Council this fall: Antara Deb, Daniel Tetrault, Reah Arora, and Simone Brandl.

“We’re thrilled to have these 4 proven community leaders join our incumbent Councillors to help build a better Burnaby,” said BCA President Leila Lolua. “BCA and our team of council candidates are committed to making our diverse city more inclusive, and to addressing issues that matter to our residents.”

Reah Arora is a long time Burnaby resident and social justice activist, with a deep understanding of community development. “I’m committed to fighting for a more progressive and inclusive Burnaby,” said Arora.

A proven community builder who has worked with Burnaby’s most vulnerable for the past 20 years, Simone Brandl stated, “I’ve witnessed firsthand how people are struggling to make ends meet as Burnaby has become an increasingly unaffordable place to live. I want to be a community leader who puts people first.” 

Antara Deb has been a resourceful advocate for vulnerable women, seniors, and families in Burnaby. “I’m committed to representing people’s voices at council, and to making Burnaby more affordable and inclusive for all,” said Deb.

Daniel Tetrault is a teacher and president of the Burnaby Teachers Association, with deep roots in Burnaby.  “Having served as a member of Burnaby’s housing taskforce, I’m looking forward to securing a council seat so I can work to expand affordable housing in Burnaby,” said Tetrault.

These new candidates will be joining incumbent BCA Councillors Pietro Calendino, Sav Dhaliwal, Alison Gu, and James Wang on the BCA ticket.

“Our council caucus welcomes these new, energized leaders joining our experienced councillors on a slate that’s committed to strengthening Burnaby based on progressive values,” said Sav Dhaliwal, spokesperson for BCA’s council incumbents.