ANTI-COVID-19 FOODS:  Eat These 5 Foods For Breakfast To Boost Your Immunity



While we are fighting the threat of coronavirus, keeping our immunity strong is key. Here are 5 foods to equip your immunity with health guns!

It’s time to transform your breakfast into an immunity-boosting affair! Image courtesy : Shutterstock

A strong immune system keeps you protected from flu, viruses, and a number of other diseases. At a time when the novel coronavirus is spreading across the world, it is essential to consume more immunity-boosting foods and incorporate a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast should both be heavy and healthy since it is the first meal of the day. If we consume the right foods to keep our immune system strong, we will be sorted. Here are five foods to eat to help your body fight coronavirus:

  1. Citrus fruits

Add citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits to your breakfast as they are a storehouse of nutrition and help boost immunity as well as fight cancer.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and minerals that help strengthen your immune system. These edibles are also known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which give you flawless skin. They are also a good source of fibre, are low in calories, and reduce the risk of kidney stones.

As per a study by the Ege University in Turkey, citrus fruits helps strengthen the immune system and keeps the skin smooth and elastic.

  1. Papaya

Good for your skin, the papaya contains antioxidants and photo-nutrients that keep your heart healthy. It also helps fight cancer.

coronavirusPapaya has the strength to fight against massive diseases like cancer. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Consuming papaya in its raw form helps maintain blood sugar level and keeps cholesterol in check. Rich in vitamin A, B, C and K, the fruit is an excellent immunity booster.

Papayas have minerals such as potassium, calcium, copper and magnesium. Scientists say papaya can reduce oxidative stress in older adults and boost immunity.

  1. Green tea

Starting the day without a cup of tea is almost unthinkable for most of us. How about having tea that not just energises you, but also keeps you healthy and your immunity strong?

Green tea could be an important addition to your diet as its nutrients and anti-oxidant properties help keep your blood sugar levels in check. Apart from this, it also helps improve your metabolism.

Green tea is rich in minerals and enhances the detoxification process in your body which helps in weight loss.


  1. Yogurt

Not just rich in protein, yogurt is good for your immune system since it is a great source of Vitamin D.

The dairy product is believed to reduce the risk of heart diseases and even help in weight management.

Several types of research have also found that having probiotics such as yoghurt help fight the common cold.

  1. Nuts and seeds

Almonds, apricots, groundnuts, dates, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are rich in zinc, magnesium and omega-3 that help boost immunity. They are rich sources of vitamin A, D, E and K which are fat-soluble and help prevent and fight cold.

coronavirus prevention Nuts and dried fruits like almonds are bursting with immunity-boosting benefits! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

A study in the journal Nutrients found that nuts are nutrient-rich foods with wide-ranging cardiovascular and metabolic benefits, which can be readily incorporated into healthy diets to boost the immune system.

Apart from these, you may also include turmeric, neem leaves, garlic, spinach, ginger, broccoli, bell peppers, carrot, oatmeal, honey to boost immunity and keep yourself strong to fight coronavirus.