ANUP SINGH JUBBAL: Man With A Vision Celebrates 30 Years Of Helping People See


Anup Singh Jubbal celebrates 30 Years and Tens of thousands of Free Eye Surgeries at a special Gala this Sunday, August 18 at the Grand Taj Banquet Hall.

SURREY – It’s fortunate for those who find their purpose. They have a drive and vision to help those who are in need. Meet Anup Singh Jubbal now in his 80s.

At the age of 27, he left India leaving behind his wife and daughter to come to Canada so that they could have a better life. His travels led him around the world, and eventually landed him in Kamloops, British Columbia where he became a prominent land developer and successful businessman with his import / export companies. His business success was enjoyed by many at the time. Like many peoples stories — on the road to success, there was adversity and hardship.

However, there was also something bigger. With the grace of God, there was his drive, his positive attitude, love for humanity and an ingrained message in his heart to never forget where he came from.

It was not until about 30 years later, in his 50s that he immersed himself full time into the charity work of Canadian Eyesight Global (formerly Project Eyesight India 1989).

As the driving force and the man with the vision behind Canadian Eyesight Global’s 30 year success, it is through his dedication, hard work and tireless efforts that he has motivated so many others across Canada and India to help restore the eyesight of tens of thousands of people.

Imagine funding a cataract surgery so that someone could see their children and family, be able to work so they can feed their family,  raise their children, learn to read and overall lead a better quality of life – simply because one man had a vision which he has shared with the world and motivated countless others to do the same. It was one such simple surgery funded by

Canadian Eyesight Global where one youth born blind with cataracts inflicted in both eyes was successfully operated on and had his eyesight restored.

Often as life progresses many forget their roots and forget to give back to people and places that brought them to where they are at. That’s never been the case with Singh. He’s made it his mission to make the lives of others better and his work and efforts have been extensively recognized by many including the Government of Canada. Along with that – he’s built a network of hundreds of people who volunteer their time and energy into the purpose of Canadian Eyesight Global and because of that tens of thousands of free cataract operations have been performed on those who need it.

And since 2004 free eye screening clinics have been set up in BC and Ontario.

In celebration of reaching the 30th Anniversary milestone for Canadian Eyesight Global and in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Surrey, Burnaby and New Westminster, Canadian Eyesight Global will be celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary on August 18 2019 at the Grand TajBanquet Hall in Surrey

  1. Rotary International President Mark Maloney will be the chief guest. More than 450 dignitaries and community supporters will be in attendance.*

After 30 years of doing what Singh does he’s just as passionate about what he does the day he started. And along with the passion — he is motivated so many more to get involved.