Arjun Rampal stuck at London Airport

The actor had to wait for eight hours till the next flight, thanks to his fans who mobbed him in a duty free shop in the airport.
Our source revealed, “Arjun had his return booked on the 10.30 am flight from London to Mumbai. He was shopping at the airport when some Indian fans surrounded him. Arjun tried to get away and also called security, in vain. The next flight was eight hours later and he had no choice but to wait at the airport lounge.”
When contacted Arjun, stuck at the airport, told Mumbai Mirror, “I was buying a perfume when I got mobbed. Suddenly there were 60 odd people and I called for security.
By the time they managed to free me and I reached the boarding gate, I was told that the gate was shut. It was ridiculous and now I am stuck here for eight hours as the next available flight is at five in the evening. The airport staff is now taking me to the lounge where I will have to kill my time.”