As school year ends, NDP must address growing Surrey portable crisis


SURREY: As the school year draws to a close and administrators in overcrowded schools grapple with the challenge of determining suitable educational options for Surrey students come the fall, Surrey South MLA Elenore Sturko, Shadow Minister for Education, is calling on the NDP to finally follow through on their 2017 promise to eliminate all portables in the city.

“The NDP failed to fulfill their promises made during the 2017 and 2020 elections to eliminate all portables in Surrey and now the situation has become so grim that the school district is having to consider double-decker portables for future classrooms,” said Sturko. “Officials in my community, from the Surrey School Board to the city council, have consistently highlighted the dire situation of overcrowded schools in Surrey and how the status quo isn’t sustainable — it’s well past time for action from David Eby and the NDP.”

With more than 78,000 students now enrolled in Surrey schools, just weeks ago Surrey city council said its school infrastructure is in a state of “crisis.”
On May 1 regular council meeting, Coun. Harry Bains brought forward a notice of motion, calling for a meeting of city hall, the school board, and provincial housing and education ministers “to remediate this crisis situation immediately.”
“The Surrey Memorial Hospital maternity ward is currently birthing one classroom of babies every work day, that will be entering the school system in the future, and whereas the province has made the decision to integrate daycare into the school system, and whereas it takes approximately three-to-five years to build a new school, therefore, be it resolved that the city of Surrey declare that the school facility infrastructure within the city of Surrey is in a crisis which is impacting the delivery of the education that our children need and deserve,” Bains’ notice of motion reads.

“Instead of continuing to ignore the pleas of parents, teachers, and students, it’s time for the NDP to make good on their promise to Surrey families and teachers and finally take action to eliminate portables,” said Sturko. “Without urgent action, kids could be heading into double-decker portables when they return to school in September.”