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By Paarull Bakshi

With all the questions that I receive from you all, it seems that most of the time, it’s more like a complaint. Who doesn’t have issues in a relationship? I mean that’s what makes relationships interesting, doesn’t it?  If there were no problems then there would be no fun I suppose!

Also nowadays, the influence of social media has also made this problem even worst. People think that displaying their love for their partner on social media forums will make things better or when they finally get a certain amount of “likes” or “comments” , it will just give them re-assurance of their relationships and in turn themselves. But is this really worth it? I don’t really think so as it seems to me that this will just prolongs the process of coming to terms with the “problem” that resides beneath.

There’s a saying in Punjabi ‘Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansaar, there is not a single person on this planet that is truly happy, everyone has something that makes them sad.

Since relationships are something which we have created ourselves, then to deal with the problems associated with it is just what we will have to deal with. There is no other option really! If the relationship that you’re in is TOXIC, then please get rid of it and move on but if it’s something that can be worked on then FIX it.

Things that make us ‘unhappy’ in relationships are the following (these are the ‘complaints’ that I usually receive):

They don’t pay much attention to you – the reality is that the human attention span is very small and we can’t always be as attentive as we were in the beginning of any relationship

They don’t call you as much nowadays – we are all busy and this is just acceptable nowadays in the world of too much technology

Complimenting less  – yes, we aren’t as pretty to them as we once were! It’s a fact, lets accept it!

Less date nights? – well this can also be your fault – take the first step!

You hang out less – yes this is common, it’s called REAL LIFE

You think that they don’t ‘Love you’ anymore? – it’s not really true, true love never dies, it only multiplies XOXO

XOXO Paarull

Paarull Bakshi is a marketing consultant at Brand D Media ( If you have a relationship question that you’d like to share then – Ask Paarull at [email protected]! If you are looking for PR, Media Relations. Branding, Event Planning and Digital Marketing Services, Paarull can be reached at [email protected].