Autumn Dance Poetry – A Memorable Event


RICHMOND – Poets, novelists, musicians, dancers, photographers, talented writers and just happy people came together to create something memorable i.e. “Autumn Dance” at Council Chamber of Richmond City Hall under the dexterity of a illustrious poet organizer Ashok Bhargava, President of the WIN: Writers International Network Canada, on October 20, 2012, a gorgeous autumn day. That day the sun occasionally peeped out on giant oak, maple, elm and birch trees dressed in their fall colors. Then just before the start of the program the rain came to welcome everyone and the wind followed, shook the trees. Yellow, red, orange and auburn leaves drifted down to speckled the courtyard with a cascade of whispers.

It was an amazing afternoon of inspiration, creativity and the beauty of autumn. WIN: Writers International Network Canada recognizes that “writing, dance and poetry are forms of an art that is deeply rooted in self-reflection. Self-reflection is the human capacity to exercise introspection and willingness to learn more about our fundamental nature, purpose and essence.” WIN was created to fulfill the need of an environment where the work of an artist is appreciated and recognized no matter what background, what language or what cultural heritage that artist belongs to. WIN also endeavors to build bridges to bring south Asian artists and writers closer to other writers and artist of the Canadian society. Autumn Dance event is a testimonial to the success of building bridges because a large number of artists and writers of diverse backgrounds attended the event.

First of all WIN would like to thank Alan Hill for convincing the City of Richmond to lend us the imposing Council Chamber to celebrate Autumn Dance, literature and arts.

Feature poets made it a very entertaining and energetic afternoon. They were – Candice James poet laureate of New Westminster, Janet Kvamman, Una Bruhns, Deborah Kelly, Bonnie Quan, Symons, Lucia Gorea, Manolis Aligizakis, Gail van Kalsbeek and Charlene Sayo.

Many International poets participated by submitting poems which were recited at the Richmond City Hall such as Alicia R. Bernall (Philippines), Kavita  Singhal (New Delhi, India), Piccola Durand Dowling (Colorado / Peru), Santiago Villafania (Philippines), Vijaya Kanpal (Mumbai, India), Yilin Wang (Richmond, BC) and Ana Yin (Toronto, Ontario).

Open Mic session was brought to life by Charan Singh Virdy, Lui Porc, Farina Reinprecht, Frederico Gordo, Ruth Dato, David W. Lee, Godwin H. Barton and Ahn Bong Ja.

There were three book launches at Autumn Dance Poetry by Alan Hill (The Upstairs Country), Lilija Valis (Freedom On the Fault Line) and Bernice Lever (Imagining Lives).

Art work of Jaypee Belarmino (New Zealand) and Othoniel Neri (Philippines) was displayed at the Richmond City Hall during the Autumn Dance Poetry Event.

SAMPAGUITA LINE DANCERS from Multicultural Helping House Society performed Modern Ifugao Tribal Dance to combine literature and folk arts together.

In the end all the attendees were given an opportunity to network face to face and ask questions. If you are interested in getting information about WIN Awards and events please send an email to Ashok Bhargava at [email protected]