Badal Says He Will Take Up Sikh Detainees Matter With Other States


LUDHIANA – Chief MinisterPrakash Singh Badal said hewould take up the matter of sixSikh prisoners, who have notbeen released despite havingcompleted their jail terms, withthe states whose police hadarrested them.The Chief Minister, who was inthe city to lay the foundationstone of a residential school,said: “These six prisoners werearrested by the police of otherstates, but were sent to the jailsof Punjab. The PunjabGovernment has no role to playin their case. I will request thestates concerned to considertheir case.” Earlier, joining thecause of Gurbaksh Singh, whois on fast-onto-death sinceNovember 14, seeking release ofsix Sikh detainees, a group ofSikh leaders met Chief MinisterPrakash Singh Badal here.